Use a well to support your meditation posture!

7 Yoga Poses For Fulfilling New Year’s Intentions

You’ve set your intentions for the New Year—now it’s time to keep them. That’s where yoga comes in.

Practicing yoga is great for helping keep you centered on what is really important to you.  We hope you will join us for classes this month and all year long, to help keep you focused on your intentions.

But who knew that there could be a series of yoga postures to actually help you keep your New Year’s Resolutions?

Check out this article with 7 poses to help you keep your intentions from Yoga Journal. These poses are mostly done with the support of a wall, making many of these postures accessible to all levels of experience.  Be careful with any poses that are outside of your comfort zone!

Enjoy, and may you fulfill all of your New Year’s Intentions!

See you at the studio!

Source: 7 Yoga Poses For Fulfilling New Year’s Intentions | Yoga Sequence – Yoga Journal

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