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Unless you are lucky enough to have an immediate family member as a doctor, (or you are a doctor yourself), you have probably had situations where you wished you had a doctor friend you could just call and ask questions.

Maybe you’ve wanted to know if your child’s cough might be serious.  Or  if the pain in your chest might require a visit to the emergency room.  Or if the cut you got on your finger while making dinner might require stitches.  Perhaps you just want the peace-of-mind to know that the steps you have taken in a particular health situation were the right ones.

There is a new “branch” of medicine that makes these kinds of questions a little easier, and perhaps a little less stressful:  It’s called telemedicine.  Earlier this month, WBUR featured a number of guests and reported on a study about the high use of this new method of medical care, on their ON POINT program: Telemedicine: The Doctor Will See You Now (Via Video Call)

More than just a call to your physicians office, this mode of health care is being led by physicians who are specifically focused on answering your questions by phone, text, video chat, and skype.  It is of course NOT a replacement for face to face care when needed, but if it can help triage what your next step can be, and  direct you to the best place to receive that care, imagine the benefits!

At The Gentle Place, we are excited to give you an opportunity to meet one of these amazing Telemedicine physicians at a Free Workshop this Wednesday at 7:30pm.  Dr. Irene Tien is is a board-certified emergency medicine and pediatric emergency medicine physician with 20 years of experience, and a trailblazer in the field of telemedicine.

Her goal is to revolutionize your health care experience by providing high quality, reliable information on her website and direct medical care via telemedicine to empower you to be your healthiest self!

At this workshop she will address some specific questions like:

  • Where should you go when you have an acute medical issue or injury, and what are the insurance implications of your choices?
  • And what about your college student or aging parent? What do you need to know to participate and have access to their medical information?

Dr. Irene Tien.

In easy to understand language, Dr. Tien will walk us through what we need to know to make more informed medical choices, and be more proactive in our own health care, and in the care of those we love.

This workshop is FREE, but we ask that you please sign up in advance if you plan to come so we can be sure to have enough seating.

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Want to learn more about Irene Tien, MD?  Find her at

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