Intentional Fitness: Mind/Body Cardio for a New Beginning!

Has “getting in shape” become your annual New Year’s Resolution Mantra? For many of us, a resolution to get in shape brings up a feeling of resistance and difficulty.  Our mind wanting one thing, and our body wanting another. Our New Year’s Intentional Fitness class focuses on both your body and mind, bringing your whole […]

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Yoga Fundamentals: For Beginners and beyond

Have you wanted to try yoga, but dismissed it thinking you are too big, too old or too inflexible? Perhaps, like many people, you have felt intimidated by images of young, fit, flexible women in skin tight clothing  doing pretzel moves like an olympic gymnast. Yoga has little to do with how well you can […]

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Jumpstart January: New Classes at The Gentle Place

New Year’s Resolutions?  We can Help! How many years have you made lists of changes, improvements, intentions and plans that have fallen by the wayside before the month is even done?   How about trying a different strategy this year? Right now, more than ever, we need to be kind to ourselves and not set ourselves up […]

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Safe Shoveling Tips and Yoga Warm Up Video

HAPPY SNOW DAY! If you are heading out to shovel snow, please keep these safe shoveling tips in mind to protect your body from pain and injury.  And don’t forget to ask for help if you need it! 1.  Dress warmly and in layers:   Muscles do not appreciate the sudden movements of slipping and sliding, […]

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Learn Infant Massage

Learn Infant Massage.. for your baby and YOU Saturdays at 10:30am  Starts 10/10 Three 90 minutes Sessions: only $99  For moms, dads and all caregivers! Infant massage improves bonding and communication, immune function, neurological development, muscular coordination, digestive issues and best of all….. SLEEP!!! Taught by Licensed Massage therapist and certified infant massage teacher Helene […]

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