Cancer Wellness Day


For those who have been touched by Cancer,

along with their Families, Friends and Care Partners

Come try workshops and learn about the wellness offerings at

The Gentle Place and Ovations for the Cure

79 Main Street, Framingham Mass.

Sunday October 29th 12:30 pm – 4pm



1:00pm: Gentle Yoga Class with Kathleen Carland, RYT

Explore gentle yoga postures in an environment that is safe and healing.

1:45 pm: Reiki for Cancer Workshop with Deborah Strafuss, Reiki Master

Reiki helps cancer patients feel more peaceful and experience less pain. What is Reiki and how does it do this?  Enjoy a short introduction to Reiki and learn some ways to incorporate Reiki practices into your personal self-care and wellness plan. Free mini Reiki sessions will be offered throughout the open house for you to sample some Reiki for yourself.

2:15 pm: The Healing Beyond Cancer: Shifting from Disease to Ease, with Sonny Rose, MA Counseling Psychology

Having a diagnosis of cancer can unleash a flood of fear and anxiety. You will learn how to manage your thoughts and explore and discover how the interactions of your beliefs and feelings can have profound effects on your health and well-being.

3:00pm:  Early Detection of Breast and Body Dysfunction using Medical Thermography With Sue Saari Lic.Ac., CCT

Thermography as natural breast healthcare can detect inflammation and changes years before disease or cancer develops detecting the earliest changes in breasts, sternum and axilla. Early detection makes it possible for early intervention, with early intervention comes greater choices and better outcomes.  Know your breast health today without pain, radiation, or discomfort.  Learn how to be proactive in keeping your breasts healthy.

(All Day) 12:30-4:00pm:  Oncology Massage with Lindsey Towlen, LMT

Meet with Lindsey and learn about the benefits of massage in general, and for those undergoing treatment, and as part of the healing process.   $20 off your first oncology massage.


WELLNESS Products and Services, (Second Floor):

Ovations for the Cure

SeneGence (Lipsense Lip Color) with Kaitlyn

Pure Haven Essentials (Non-Toxic personal care products) with Jennifer

Dream Dinners (Wholesome Homemade Meals) with AnnMarie


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