Cancer Wellness Services

Here are the many ways The Gentle Place can support and partner with those touched by Cancer on their Journey to Well-being.


ONCOLOGY MASSAGE:  This specialized massage protocol is available each week on Mondays, Tuesdays and some Saturday mornings.  It is offered by Lindsey Towlen, LMT, a certified Oncology Massage therapist, who will make sure you are comfortable and safe, and leave you with a renewed sense of well-being. You can book a massage with here HERE.

YOGA:  Yoga helps move us from the “fight or flight” response of our nervous system, to the healing and beneficial “rest and digest” response.  This is is even more important for those with Chronic stress, such as the type brought on by cancer treatment.  (see more info HERE) The Gentle Place offers daily GENTLE Yoga and weekly RESTORATIVE yoga practices accessible to those who are undergoing and or recovering from cancer treatment.Check our schedule of Classes and Workshops HERE


Our Cancer Wellness Team: Sue Saara, Thermography; Deborah Strafuss, Reiki; Sonny Rose, Meditation; Lindsey Towlen, Oncology Massage.

Our Cancer Wellness Team: Sue Saari, Thermography; Deborah Strafuss, Reiki; Sonny Rose, Meditation; Lindsey Towlen, Oncology Massage.

MEDITATION:  Like Yoga, Meditation moves us into deep states of relaxation which help the body relax, recover and restore;  boosting our immune systems and our sense of well-being.  In addition to our regular Tuesday night meditation classes with Lisa Campbell , The Gentle Place is also honored to offer “The Healing Beyond Cancer”, with cancer survivor and psychotherapist Sonny Rose, MA.  Check out her FREE mini workshop:  “Shifting from Disease to Ease” on Saturday December 16th from 11:30am to 12:30pm.


THERMOGRAPHY:  Early Detection that is safe, painless, affordable and has NO radiation,  Clinical Thermography Breast and Body Screening with Susan Shaw Saari, Lic.Ac., CCT is  a great adjunct to holistic self-care.  Thermography screenings are interpreted and reported by medical doctors who are board certified Thermologists.  Sue Saari offers Thermography appointments quarterly (or more) on Saturdays at The Gentle Place.  Learn more HERE.

REIKI:  This gentle, noninvasive practice is believed to stimulate a person’s own healing response via placement of light touch on, or slightly above, the participant’s body.  According to recent research,  “Qualitative analyses found that individuals reported that Reiki induced relaxation and enhanced spiritual well-being. Conclusions. An integrative Reiki volunteer program shows promise as a component of supportive care for cancer patients”.  At The Gentle Place, Reiki Practitioner Deborah Strafuss offers Reiki at an affordable $25/half hour at her  monthly clinic on the 4th Saturday of the month, from 3pm – 5pm.  You can book your appointment at 508-353-5136, or learn more at her website:


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