Client Responsibilities + Process

We value health and well-being as essential to a full and happy life, and taking every precaution for your health is part of our standard of care.  But we need YOUR  help to maintain this standard for the health of everyone who walks through our doors during this time of the Covid-19 pandemic.

For that reason, the following Client Protocols will be in place until further notice:

  1.  If you are not feeling well, OR might have been exposed to someone who has/might have Covid-19, you must reschedule your massage appointment for at least 2 weeks after that date.  At this time we are NOT requiring proof of a negative Covid-19 test unless you have previously been diagnosed with the virus.
  2. Before your appointment,  wait in your car until we text you to come in for your appointment.
  3.  Upon entrance in the building, you must be wearing a mask, and  you must wash your hands, and/or use hand sanitizer
  4. You must have a clean mask, and we will have disposable medical masks if needed.
  5. Before we begin:
    1. We will take your temperature with a touchless thermometer
    2. You will sign a health affidavit confirming your health status and /or exposure to Covid-19.
    3. You will sign an informed consent form and waiver.
  6. We will have a brief check-in regarding how your body is feeling and what you most need from your massage before the therapist leaves you to get on the massage table.
  7. All of your clothes will be placed on the chair (which is metal and will be sanitized between each person) and not hung up on the back of the door.
  8. Please sanitize  your hands once more after touching your clothes and before getting on the table.
  9. You will need to wear your mask for your entire massage, except when you are face down.  We are trying an options where we have a pillowcase wrapped and draped over the face cradle, making breathing easier than with a mask, but still containing any water droplets.
  10. At the end of the massage, if your mask was removed to lay face down, you must put your mask back on, and sanitize your hands once you are dressed, before opening the door for the therapist.
  11. Payment will be touchless with your credit card on file (Due to the increased fees for not-swiping the card we must add a $5 charge to each credit card payment).  You can also pay with cash or check with no surcharge.
    1. Pease make out any checks BEFORE you come in the office to decrease exposure possibilities.
  12. Although tips are never expected, they can be included with all forms of payment.
  13. We will set up your next appointment before you leave!
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