Escape “Fall”ing into Stress with Meditation!

The thermometer might feel like summer, but the school buses and Facebook posts of kids back to school tell a different story.

It’s that time of year when it seems like everything is happening at once.  Our schedules get busier, the sky begins to darken earlier, and the hours seem pass even more quickly. How can we enter into this season with less stress, and focus more on the present moment and have more peace, ease and joy?

This perennial question has no quick fixes, but there is one simple practice that you can do that can bring calm to your life, and it is free and available to all:  Meditation.

I know what you’re thinking… You don’t have time to meditate. You’ve tried it before and you can’t do it.  It doesn’t work for you.   But with all the evidence that  meditation can help you sleep better, reduce stress and calm your busy mind, isn’t it worth a shot?

There is an old Zen saying:

You should sit in meditation for 20 minutes a day.  Unless you’re too busy, then you should sit for an hour.

Too busy for 20 minutes?  Then instead of an hour, how about this…try 5 minutes!  It can really make a difference.

It’s easier to do than you think… especially with the help of one of my favorite FREE apps: INSIGHT TIMER for both android and iphone.  If you are reading this on your computer, you can check out their webpage HERE, where there’s lots of good info, but you need the smart phone app to access the meditations.

This app has  THOUSANDS of free meditations of all types, and you can even search for meditations based on their length… there are hundreds of options that are 5 minutes or less!

Don’t think you can meditate?  Well perhaps you haven’t tried the right “type” that will work for you.  According to InsightTimer, there are 7 types of meditation: Mindfulness, Visualization, Gentle Repetition, Movement (including Yoga), Sound, Concentration, and  Self-Observation.   For sure, there’s a type for you!

Give it a try.  Change doesn’t happen in a day, but if you can commit to 5- minutes (or more!!) a day for 30 days, you will have created a new habit that will improve the quality of your life.  I guarantee it 🙂

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