FAQs for Online Yoga Classes

If your question isn’t answered below, please check out further links at the bottom of the page, or reach out to us directly by EMAIL or by phone at 508-788-7300


How do I sign up for Online Yoga classes?

First you need to choose what class you want to here at our online booking site.  Once you sign up for a class you will receive a confirmation email that will have all the details on how to login to your class via the ZOOM platform.  (**You must stay ‘opted in” to email reminders when you create your account in order to get the confirmation emails)  You can use any internet connected device with a screen to participate: desktop or laptop computer, iPad or tablet, or even your smartphone!

What does it cost?

You can pay by class for only $15 each, purchase a 10-class card for $120 ($12/class), a 30-class card for $300 ($10/class)  OR take advantage of unlimited monthly access for only $99/month.  If you already have a class card from pre-Covid that is still valid, you can use that!  And, if our pricing is out of your budget and you are out of work, email Donna for discounted pricing.  We want everyone to have access.

How do I actually watch the class?

About 10 minutes before your class starts, you should click on the link that came in your confirmation email, and it will take you to the ZOOM platform.  If it’s your first time ever using Zoom it might prompt you to download an application, which is why the first time you should log in early.  Once your logged in, you’ll be in a waiting room until the teacher ‘opens’ it up, and then, voila, you are in !

If it is your first time ever being on Zoom, or taking a livestream yoga class, let your teacher know before class begins.

Will I see the teacher?  Will she see me?

This is a live video broadcast and you will see the teacher and the other students, however you do have the option to to turn of YOUR camera so you can’t be seen.   We encourage you to keep your video camera on so that the teacher can see you and make suggestions if needed, but it is always your choice to stay incognito!!

What Yoga Props do I need?

At the very least we suggest using a yoga mat if you have one, as they give you a yoga “space to work in” and can help with slipping.  Using a yoga mat on a thick pile carpet can sometimes make balancing a little more difficult if it makes it too soft under your feet.   You will have to experiment and see what works for you.

We also recommend you have a pair of Yoga Blocks, (other options could be strong smaller boxes, or large soup cans) to help with support, a woven blanket (not fleece) or pillow or cushion, and perhaps a yoga strap (or belt, or scarf).  These props are not used in every class, but it always nice to have them handy to help with your practice.

What if I can’t make it a class?  Can I get a recording?

YES!!!  A link to a recording for any class you miss will be sent to you with an hour or so after class ends.  You will have about 48 hours to use that link and take that class.  You must be signed up for the class to get a recording, so if there is a class you’d like be sure to sign up in advance.


Why didn’t I get a Reservation email with the Zoom Link?

If you didn’t get a confirmation email when you signed up for class, or a reminder email, then you probably “opted out” of getting email notifications when you created your account in the MindBody booking system.  You must be “Opted IN” in order to get those emails which contain the Zoom Login information for your class.

If you didn’t get your emails,  please reach out to Donna  by EMAIL or by phone at 508-788-7300.  She will send you the codes, and fix your MindBody account!

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