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Feeling Stressed?  Meditation can help!

The COVID-19 pandemic has also turned into an anxiety pandemic, and no one is immune.  Whether you are aware of this heightened stress (perhaps as tightness in your chest or belly), or you feel nothing (because anxiety has become your new normal), panic and uncertainty are wreaking havoc on our health and well-being.

From a health perspective, stress is a leading cause of disease.  It compromises our immune system, increases our blood pressure and elevates our risk factors for cardiac events, diabetes and mental health issues.   And as importantly, it also impacts our ability to think clearly, and make sound decisions.

Having the tools to move from a stressed out/panicked state of mind to one of calm and focus can be lifesaving when facing challenges in our lives. The good news is that these tools can be learned!  They are accessible to everyone through meditation and mindfulness techniques.

Free, live streaming meditation classes!

To help bring a calmer state of mind to our current life situation, The Gentle Place is now offering FREE meditation classes weekdays at 12pm, thanks to the generosity of 5 amazing  meditation teachers!

You can take a class every day, or just try it once a week.   If our 12pm class time doesn’t work, sign up and get a recording of it to listen to/watch later.   Gather all your family around and do it together, or enjoy some quiet time for yourself.  No matter how you do it, Just Do It!   You will be amazed at how these little tools can make a big difference in how you manage your stress!

Click here to see our full array of classes, including daily yoga (30 days for only $30) and Free weekday meditation!

And click the pic below to learn a great mind calming technique called 5 Finger Meditation.

Image of 5 FInger breath technique

Learn 5 Finger Breath Technique



“I’ve been doing the 5 finger breathing.  Actually find it helpful.  Showed it to my husband, and he likes it too!”   S.M.






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