Alexandra (Sasha) Moskvitina, LMT

As a classically trained pianist, I am very familiar with Repetitive Strain Injury, tendonitis, various muscle tension/tightness, stress and pain.  It was through my own personal experience with this that led me to pursue study in Massage Therapy.

I’m passionate about helping others create a healthy balance and better their lives, regaining their physical activity and well-being through progressive therapy that is individualized to them. I truly enjoy facilitating my clients’ personal goals towards wellness, empowerment and improvement!

I graduated from Salter College (2009) where I trained in a variety of massage techniques including Swedish, Deep tissue, Trigger Point, Myofascial, Geriatrics, Body Stretch sequences and more.

In addtion, I am also certified in Prenatal and Oncology massage, and am a Level I Reiki practitioner.

I look forward to working with those who are combating the health risks of our sedentary modern lifestyle, including those suffering with chronic back pain, circulation problems, intense migraines, difficulties sleeping, compromised immune system function, and mental and physical stress in various manifestations.

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