Learn Infant Massage

Learn Infant MassageLearn Infant Massage.. for your baby and YOU

Saturdays at 10:30am  Starts 10/10
Three 90 minutes Sessions: only $99 
For moms, dads and all caregivers!
Infant massage improves bonding and communication, immune function, neurological development, muscular coordination, digestive issues and best of all….. SLEEP!!!
Taught by Licensed Massage therapist and certified infant massage teacher Helene Royce Tolland,  you will learn what many native cultures have know for generations….the healing benefits of touch!
Your baby does not need to be awake, or cooperative, during class time for you to benefit from this class.  Class recordings will be available to all participants along with a supportive facebook group!
Ready to sign up?  Just CLICK HERE!
Want to learn more about infant massage benefits?   Click on the video below!



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