Free Meditation

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Meditation isn’t necessarily what you think it is!  It doesn’t require stopping the thinking process or joining a religion. It doesn’t require sitting in a particular pose or eating special foods.  It doesn’t even require loads of time!

What meditation is:  focus, mindfulness, and awareness.  It’s a shift of our attention to the present moment… to a single sound, thought, or sensation. It’s paying attention to when our thoughts take over and take us away, and then practicing, time and time again, to bring ourselves back to the present.

Meditation is slowing down enough to be MINDFUL that most of the time our thoughts are running the ship without any supervision;  and then we wonder why we are heading in a direction we don’t want to go!

Everyone can meditate.  It’s simple to learn, but it can take a lifetime to master… is a practice which is done over and over again, bringing increased benefits the more it is done.  Benefits include a calm mind, improved focus, reduced stress, increased energy, inner strength, confidence, clarity of perception, and an improved sense of well-being.  From there… infinite possibilities!

Our meditation teachers have decades of experience as meditators themselves, and in teaching others.  They will guide you with compassion and support you with wisdom.

Try our FREE meditation classes Weekdays at 12pm, and learn how to experience your best version of yourself!

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