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Gentle Beginner’s Yoga

Level:  Beginners, but all are welcome.

The Gentle Place Yoga studio was founded on the principle that yoga should be accessible to everyone. Young or old, athletic or sedentary, flexible or stiff, yoga offers benefits for each person, and encourages an acceptance of ourselves exactly where we are at any given moment.

If you have ever thought about taking a yoga class but felt too intimidated, or if you’ve tried Yoga and felt like you couldn’t follow along, or didn’t fit it, this class is for you.

Based on the fundamentals of “Hatha Yoga” (link to Hatha yoga page), this beginner’s class is for anyone who wants to feel more connected and comfortable in their body

In this class you will learn basic yoga postures and breathing exercises, with a focus on body alignment for safety.  You will be given modifications to address your own physical abilities, and learn how to use props, like blocks and blankets, to assist with finding comfort in each posture.   You will also learn some yoga terminology, philosophy, and class structure, so the you can feel comfortable and at home in any other yoga classes you might take in the future.

Some of the benefits shared by those who have taken this introductory class include:  more flexibility, better sleep, reduction of back pain, body/mind awareness, better breathing, a general sense of well-being, and a desire to do more Yoga!

We look forward to sharing the joys of yoga with you!

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