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Gentle Hatha Yoga

Level:  Great for Beginners to Advanced

Hatha Yoga is the general term describing classes that focus on “ansans” (yoga postures) and “pranayama”, (breathing exercises), and some meditation.  Literally, Ha means “sun” and Tha  means “moon”, expressing a practice that works towards balancing, or bringing together, opposing energies.  In our current lives, many of us are over connected to our minds and thoughts, and deeply disconnected from our bodies.  The practice of Hatha Yoga helps strengthen, and balance, the body-mind connection, and live our lives more fully.

There are many styles/schools of Hatha Yoga, but generally speaking, Hatha Yoga classes are gentle in nature, with a focus on correct alignment for safety and stability, a coordination of breath with movement, and a practice of breathing exercises for mindfulness and focus.

Some of the many benefits Hatha Yoga include heightened body awareness, reduced stress, improved posture and balance, deeper and fuller breathing, stronger muscles, increased joint mobility, strengthened concentration, overall health improvement, and a greater sense of well-being.

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