On-Line Yoga

Watch on your computer, tablet or phone!

(And now offering 4 OUTDOOR classes per week at Farm Pond!

Welcome to Yoga at The Gentle Place!

Our vision is to make Yoga accessible to everyone, and to create a welcoming, supportive and safe environment for your yoga practice. At The Gentle Place, our style is well suited to those who want a slower and more mindful practice that honors each person’s unique place on their path to balance of mind and body.

With the advent of the Covid crisis, practicing yoga is more important than ever to help us maintain a present state of mind, and keep our body moving in healthy ways.  Although we are no longer teaching in person classes in our boutique yoga studio, we have been able to transition the intimacy and support of classes to our new livestream online model via ZOOM!

There are so many reasons to join us:

  1. Do yoga classes anytime!  Sign up for any class you want and either take it LIVE, or we will send you a link to a recording that you can watch for up to 48 hours afterwards!!
  2. Do yoga anywhere!  Live or recorded, you can enjoy the beautiful weather and take your computer/ipad/tablet/phone outside and do your yoga in the fresh air. (or in the comfort of your living room, bedroom, etc!)
  3. Connect with our community: If you join the live class, we often chat for a few minutes before and/or after as we check in with each other and maintain a sense of community
  4. You can practice completely privately, even if you join us live.  Although we love to see you during class, you can turn off your camera and practice incognito.   Complete privacy.
  5. You’ll be part of our private Facebook Group where we’ll post little videos and offer support as we continue our journey through this new way of life.
  6. Outdoor Classes Now available (weather permitting!) :  Some classes are outdoor only, and others become livestream Zoom classes if the weather is yucky.

    Learn more  about outdoor yoga HERE!

Take classes Live, or watch the recording for up to 48 hours after!


You can pay by class for only $10 each, OR take advantage of unlimited monthly access for only $40/month.

Just CLICK HERE and sign up for classes!

Questions? Check out our FAQ page, email Donna, or call us at 508-788-7300.

We hope to see you online soon!


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