Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Sessions

Please see this note below from our Yoga Therapist, Justine Ferguson.   She is offering Yoga Therapy sessions at The Gentle Place on Thursdays and Fridays: Only $10 for the first 6 people who sign up!

I am pleased to announce that I am in the last quarter of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy training! I’ll begin offering these sessions on Thursdays and Fridays (just not on Friday, 1/12 and Friday, 1/19) The first six (6) people who sign up will receive their first session for $10 All other sessions will be $45 for 1 hour (half price) until March 19, 2018, then $90/hour on the first day of spring.

What I love about yoga therapy is that its main objective is client empowerment. Meaning that the overall goal is for you to feel more knowledgeable and aware of how to move/stretch your body to find relief from stress. Personally speaking, so far yoga therapy is the most effective and approachable way I’ve found to maintain wellness for myself. These sessions are essentially an hour of learning ‘how to do self-care’.

~Description of Service~
Yoga therapy is a therapeutic method for helping people feel more connected with their bodies and their lives. By blending yoga-inspired postures, supportive touch, and gentle dialogue together, a conversation between the mind and body may unfold. A core belief of yoga therapy is that healing largely comes from within the body (the issues are in the tissues); utilizing stretching and breathing to communicate directly with the body, we’re able to both release present stress and also prevent future stress build-up.

Sessions are one-hour in length and are conducted fully clothed on a large yoga therapy mat. Please bring loose, comfortable clothing (anything you would wear to a fitness class).

~Weekly Schedule~

Exclusive Yoga Therapy Availability
Thursdays @ 2:30pm, and 4pm
Fridays @ 2:30pm, and 4pm (no sessions on 1/12, 1/19)

Saturdays @11am and 12:30pm (no sessions, 1/13, 1/20)

Abundance and blessings to you in this New Year!

Justine Ferguson
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