What is Thermography?

Thermography—also known as DITI—is a noninvasive, painless, and safe adjunctive diagnostic procedure in which a Meditherm infrared camera is used to record thermal patterns and temperature variations on the surface of the body.  This  camera produces real-time digital images (thermograms) that reveal sites of physiologic dysfunction and/or abnormal tissue growth, as well as nerve and vascular changes that are invisible to xray and MRI.

Thermography provides information about:

  • acute, as well as chronic conditions
  • normal and abnormal functioning of sensory and sympathetic nervous systems
  • vascular dysfunction
  • myofascial trauma and local inflammatory processes
  • breast health/physiology

Thermography is used to:

  • help make informed decisions regarding the need for further treatment
  • visualize the physiological component of pain, injury or illness/disease
  • provide early warning of potential health issues
  • identify the originating source of neuropathic dysfunction
  • support the existence of a suspected condition
  • aid in accurate diagnosis and treatment

Thermography is cost-effective, risk-free, and FDA-approved. No referral is required.

We are grateful to have our Thermography Services offered by Susan Saari, Lic. Ac., CCT.

YOU CAN REACH Susan Saari by phone at:  508-425-3300

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