Prior to your first class think about signing into Zoom and checking out the features and settings. Test your audio and video.

During your first class, know that it may take some time for you to find the settings that work best for you.

There are different views available within the platform.  A full screen view will bring the instructor into your full screen and make other participant windows smaller to allow you to focus on the teacher.

During class, once you are welcomed and any questions answered, your instructor will advise you to mute your microphone. This eliminates any ambient noise from all the participants.  You can unmute at any time if you would like to ask a question. Just be mindful of the other participants time and what they are hearing.

In addition, as this is a video meeting you can see others and they can see you!  If you do not wish to be seen in the privacy of your home during your practice, you have the capability of turning your video camera off or back on at any time.  You can also cover up your camera with a piece of duct tape 🙂

There are video tutorials available on the site if you want to explore more.

We thank you so much for joining us in this endeavor. Know that we are also figuring out how this new form of classes will work along with you.  There may be kinks to be worked out along the way. We ask for your patience and appreciate your support as we navigate this new method of yoga and connection.

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