Wedding Services + Pricing

All of our offerings can be a la carte, or put together in packages for a total wellness experience!

  • Bride Tribe Chair Massage: On the big day, bring some relaxation to the bride and bridal party and add a professional and luxurious massage to the usual hair and make-up preparations! The bridal party can get their wedding day aches, pains and stresses relieved while they wait for their turn for hair and make-up.  Chair massage is done clothed, in a special massage chair.  We use no oils so you will stay clean, and the massage won’t mess up your hair if it’s already done

Pricing starts at $325 for 1 massage therapist – 3 hours minimum. (services from 6-12 people) More time and additional therapists available at additional costs.  Travel costs may also apply.


  • Bride Tribe Yoga:  Planning a bachelorette get away?  Looking for a great bridal party experience? Want to create connection and calm before the rehearsal?  The Gentle Place has a boutique yoga studio for up to 10 students, where we can customize a class for the bridesmaids, or a group of friends and/or family.  We can also come to your event and teach whatever size class you have space for!
  • We can also add on a wine and chocolate pairing after the class for a real special Zen experience! (Additional costs apply)

Pricing starts at $120 for class in Framingham Studio. Travel costs may apply to remote locations.  


  • Group Meditation:  Bring the whole family together for a bonding and grounding experience with a group meditation class.   Enjoy the the whole wedding experience even more by bringing yourself more fully into the present moment, and walk away with guided meditations and tools for relieving stress.  This is great in advance of the wedding, during the intensity of wedding prep, or even on the day of!

Pricing varies.  Call to discuss your specific needs


  • Couples Massage: Before or after the wedding, the bride and groom can enjoy the deep relaxation of a massage at The Gentle Place.  Either in a shared room (schedule permitting), or at the same time in separate rooms at The Gentle Place, each will get the type of massage that they need:  Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Hot Stone massage are just some of the massage options available!

Massage pricing starts at $90 per person.  Here are more details on Massage therapy options!


  • Private Couples Massage Lesson: Learn how to massage your partner to ease their aches and pains and help them relax (in between professional massages at The Gentle Place of course!)  Massage is a wonderful way help someone you love feel better, while enhancing intimacy and connection in you relationship.  In this customized private lesson, the couple will learn some basic massage techniques for the neck, back and shoulders, as well as the hands and feet, and will learn how to make their partner feel fantastic!  (Makes a great gift!)  2.5 hours: $200

Price:  $200 for 2 hours. Longer classes also available. Makes a great gift!

For more details and to reserve your special date,  email or call Donna at 508-788-7300.







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