Yoga Therapy

Ever had that “gut feeling?”

The body has a myriad of ways it communicates. And unlike the thinking mind, the body provides you with straight answers.

The essence of a yoga therapy session is that it allows a client to explore sensations and body communications that are happening in the present moment. Elements of a session include supportive movement, assisted yoga postures, therapeutic dialogue, guided meditation, guided breath work, reflective listening, and an invitation to explore thought, sensation, and emotional patterns through the lens of the body.

Clients are drawn to yoga therapy both to complement individual therapy and as a stand-alone treatment option. Clients choose yoga therapy when a body-based approach is indicated to move therapy forward when clients feel “stuck”. One only needs a sense of openness and curiosity for this work. No yoga experience is necessary.

Meet Justine Ferguson

Justine is a sensitive and intuitive educator, yoga therapist, and yoga teacher. Her focus has always been on creating a safe and nourishing classroom that calms students’ nervous systems as well as engaging developing minds and bodies. Breath, movement, and reflection are some of the key elements to her classroom. She creates a safe space for students as well as clients to show up as they are – whether they’re in a classroom, yoga studio, office, or living room.

Justine offers private yoga therapy sessions at The Gentle Place during the following hours:

Tuesdays: 11:30AM – 12:30PM 
Thursdays: 12PM – 1PM; 1:30PM – 2:30PM; 3-4PM; 4:30-5:30PM
Fridays: 12PM – 1PM; 1:30PM – 2:30PM; 3-4PM; 4:30-5:30PM 
Saturday: 11AM-12PM

Email her directly for an appointment or for more info:

You can also check out her website at:


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